all collections will be used for winnings, no moneys will be left over; unless rolled over to next drawing.


Each winner becomes a client, even if temporary.

  • please note; all winnings are paid for by funds collected.
  • All products are accompanied by service; meaning whoever wins a product, will be consulted as well… consult is a service.
  • All fees will come out of the funds collected.
  • Consult comes with a product.
  • there could possibly be more than one winner with each drawing.
  • If more than 150.00 collected at each drawing, the remainder will rollover into the next drawing.
  • Each winner is not allowed to receive anymore than 150.00 in client product and/services.

please note- i will let you know at the end of collecting how much is in the fund bag to be use xo~ seVen

Donation cost: $3, $6, $9 dollars. Simply put… in Subject whether be #cashapp, #vemo #paypal #Zelle etc. $HerbsBlood$HerbsBlood

Type… Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold or Crystal in Subject when donating 

#Bronze: $3 for 1 chance

#Copper: $6 for 2 chances

#Silver: $9 for 3 chances

#Gold… Your $Amount will be revived by 3 points per chance

#Crystal… Donate, Wishlist, Care!

Enjoy xo~ seVen

by Seven Love Notes

Chief and Creator, Supreme Wellness Sage

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