Crystal Star Alignment xo~ Him and Her


Crystal nano infused Set of 3- 8oz Eclipse Balm SOAP, 2 dram Crystal Star Mineral Oil ( see description below ) and 8oz Sun Balm Salve. xo~ 

Crystal Star Alignment: Crystal nano infused <Stars Alignment > Set of 3- including 8oz Eclipse Balm SOAP, 2 dram Crystal Star Mineral Oil to dilute with 16 oz of your Alkaline or Distilled water in YOUR favorite misting bottle or slash on your face ( you gotta do some of the mixing <smiles> relax, no worries, it’s simple )and 8oz Sun Balm Salve. Wash, Rinse and Oil. Him- Her xo~ the Consistency that’s Awesome #HerbsBloodBlend. It only takes a finger swipe, trust me, mines last for months and I use it everyday. Custom created laced with herbs, crystal and minerals for- day energizing, night relaxing, sensual etc… daily wear, energy, detox and cleaning- butter, essential, carrying oil herbal mixture for Clients xo Every seven years we become essentially renewed, strengthening each cell in your body until it’s… RENEWED HerbsBlood/Skin/

Complete sheer support; personal, web and/or speak. Restores ‪‎Clarity‬; transforming back as the ‪true‬ you when matched with Meditation, Nutritional Prep, Fitness xo~ seVen


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