Begin the journey to the natural healthy you; 1st meditation, detox nutrition prep and fitness session with all product included… along with unlimited contact via phone, web or face-chat 7days within 1st month achieving your balance to begin a healthy lifestyle xo~ Lovaste’ All Clients are Private and every product oils, herbs and session is created for each individual client for their needs. I do not sale product outside of my clients; all products are a privilege extended to seVen’s Clients.

You ask what I speak of as I go into my heart space:

We are more than taught, in fact we are taught to be less than we are. I choose to seek within and this is what I found many moons ago. Now I seek even greater for we should never reveal where we are in the now but, that we have come to overstand. Remove the layer and watch as you soar rising higher. Everyone is waiting for the physical to show it’s repaired; while some are sayings “how about now” xo Treating illnesses b4 it manifested in the physical body… working on the luminous energy field surrounding it; stimulating healing at soul level while nurturing the body to assist and carry the strength within xo~ seVen