For many years I lived in conscious silence; taking the steps to understand my intuition to the point of trusting before I allowed myself to share. This King confirmed that I wasn’t alone :) and yes nature, wisdom and knowledge is the truth a book of GOD’s Good xo I Love Dr Sebi; 1st because his storyline is so familiar with mines… The Most High is The Greatest Teacher xo I Love This King xo7lovejohnson-ancesctors-elders-xo

One reason folks don’t grow to the light is because, they wanna take credit from those which taught or showed them the way… I’ve been rolling with Dr Sebi since around 2003 and giving him his due every chance I get. I see dudes and chics out here making videos talking “The Sebi Talk” looking like they stepped out of the Gucci and Jordan shop ( i.e. The natural profile is absent )… Quit water the original man shyt down; to the selfish, greedy and needy of fame. Which is why we can never grow in Unity because, everybody wanna be Chiefs being a life of fools following. Respect xo even Dr Sebi gives credit to those who lead his way. Our folks Dayme! Respecting our Elders and Ancestors is power free of distractions and robbery.

Taking bout Carbon base; broccoli, carrots and starches… They don’t even know what a carbon is. I learned plenty by reading, trial and error but mostly following my conscious. Dr Sebi broke it down for me and gave me the courage to know what I was seeing wasn’t just a mirror image of my imagination. I relate to him because, he reminds me of me… not because of social media fame. These folks on some weak shyt. For real they couldn’t begin to tell you his story and what an awesome story it is xo :)

Be careful when you come for me because, the road in which you seek, I have crossed bridges and soared the skies knowing all that you face and have come to pass. I am your Elders, your Ancestors; wise and with purpose xo~ seven GOD speed

by Seven Love Notes

Chief and Creator, Supreme Wellness Sage

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