once you get through day 3 xo the struggle is over… then you begin to fight

I encountered every element I have ever had, as if they where on ‪steroids; while going through an complete detox; I could have never imagine how tough toxins are; theres no easy detox. By the way when you go through a full detox, you will be faced with “‪DieOff‬”; that’s when you are ridding of the toxin but the ‪‎poisons‬ that it leaves behinds is the true strength of will. I’m proud of myself for not giving in to those pesky little but, so powerful creatures of havoc :)~ xo seven GOD Speed

If you’re physically detoxing with anything acidic, u may drop a few pounds for a minute but, so does those who take chemo treatment… Setting your body up for illnesses to thrive xo BeWell because everybody’s not loyal to truth but they are to the dollar and hype xo We are natural beings and the energy one carry is all they can share xo Health is not a fad it’s a Mental, Physical and Emotional Gift we all deserve Spiritual Truth xo~ seven GOD speed

“Detox and Support all organs and it’s systems when cleansing; Liver, Colon, Blood, Skin… xo. For me it’s logic- Kill, Flush then support and finally nurture” xo using garlic ( vitamin C to seal cell membrane because garlic peirces the walls ), coconut oil, ginger, AVC ( antibotic ), turmeric, lime, oil of oregano, chlorophyll, fiber,charcoal, liver cleans, lymphatic and glandular system support and always Probiotics.

Main reason ‪‎detoxing‬ is so important! It restores ‪‎Clarity‬; transforming you back into ‪Positive‬ Energies. Allows the left/right brain to see options, so once the negative energies are expelled … ‪‎Optimism‬, ‪‎Courage‬ and ‪‎Balance ‬prevails~ xo seven GOD Speed growing to the light.

My 7steps to Detoxing Steps– You can never lose by Meditation and Prayer 1st. 2ndly: Purge ridding of all things that are not of your best interest of mind, body and soul…It is important to do this immediately after meditation and prayer leaving no ill will a chance. 3rdly: Hydrate making sure your body is ready for the flow. 4thly: Remove by starving and flushing toxins bc if the toxins are not removed, they will grow from your nutrients. 5th: Get support with nutrients to keep ur organs strong during this journey. 6th: Don’t let up and 7th: PRAY to stay positive!!!!  xo

“One suffer, all suffer”

A TOXIC WORLD: Toxins poison our air, our water, our food and our bodies. According to the EPA, 70,000 chemicals are used commercially in the U.S., 65,000 of which are potentially hazardous to our health. The Environmental Defense Council reports that more than four billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the environment each year, including 72 million pounds of known carcinogens. AN ANCIENT SOLUTION: is a non-toxic, deeply detoxifying, alkalizing, dietary supplement earth clay that can be taken internally and externally  to help rid the body of toxins such as radiation, heavy metals, ammonia, and other harmful environmental chemicals. Benefits increase with continued usage. Clay naturally holds a negative charge and will bond with toxins for safe and effective removal. I use… ZeoForce™ which is pure, Clinoptilolite mineral CONCENTRATE, micro reduced to the size of a red blood cell for optimum absorption and potency that diluted liquids simply can not match.

CLEANSING FACE/ BODY MASK: Mix clay well. You can also add one capsule of CoQ10 and a drop of your favorite essential oil for additional benefits.  Do NOT overdue the essential oil and test on a smaller area first to assure that it does not irritate your skin or eyes.  Avoid the area around your eyes when applying.  Spread a thin layer on your face and allow to dry (about 15 minutes). Rinse thoroughly, using to exfoliate.  Follow with astringent, liquid vit a, e & c. You can also expand this recipe for full body coverage (spread as thick as you wish). Great for pimples, rashes and skin irritations! And no the cuffs doesn’t match the collar, well not yet :-) for the youngster that’s about the the silver hair xo7 and oh yea, this is the same clay I drink! 

Females, the best time to detox is the week of ur cycle- ur body’s natural cleansing period. Reason to juice one full week a month.

Choices when Detoxing When it comes to detoxification, you have many choices. Even eating fruit in the morning will have a detoxifying effect. I recommend juice fasting along with drawing clay  but there are many alternatives that can suit your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Juice Fasting: The best choice for detoxification, because it supplies an abundance of nutrients, including enzymes and calories to reduce the cleansing intensity to a more comfortable level.

Fasting on Lemon Juice and Honey: This is easier than water fasting. The honey and lemon supply nutrients that assist in detoxification and the honey reduces the rate of cleansing to a more comfortable level.

Juice Fasting with a Blender: If you do not have a juicer, you can fast by blending fruit and filtering it. You can add some Sucanat or Panela for sweetness (dehydrated cane sugar). An enema is not required as there is enough pulp to keep the digestive system moving.

Water Fasting: Water fasting demands the most calories therefore the cleansing is more intense.

Raw Food Diet: Similar cleansing reactions experienced on a juice fast will also be experienced on a raw food or fruit diet, but the process is slower. Raw nuts, fish, or baked chicken are a good source of protein. The diet does not have to be totally raw to work. Dairy products, cooked starches or greasy food will halt the detoxification for several hours.

Eating Less: This is a good way to start the detoxification process but can require the greatest discipline. It is hard to change a lifetime habit. Chew food 30 times and eat smaller amounts. If you leave the table a little hungry, the hunger subsides in a few minutes but our emotions make this difficult to do.

Vegetarian Eating: A light, vegetarian diet will also aid detoxification. For example, fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a meal of cooked vegetables with some raw nuts for dinner. For best results, sparingly eat cooked starches.

Exercise: During exercise, the lymphatic system is being flushed and the cells are being flooded with health-giving oxygen. Walking, aerobics, sports, stretching and light exercise can assist detoxification.

Colonic Irrigation and Enemas: An enema or colonic irrigation gently flushes the colon with water and provides an avenue for toxic bile to leave the body. The use of enemas should be limited to fasting time. Misuse of enemas can affect the normal bacterial flora of the intestine and cause a dependency on the enema for regular elimination. A colon flush can also greatly assist recovery from food poisoning, stomach flues and diarrhea.

Detoxification Procedures: This includes homeopathic remedies, ozone therapy and acupuncture, massage, thermal chambers (sauna), herbal liver and kidney cleansing formulas, antioxidants, mega vitamin/mineral supplements. Each have benefits but fasting and a diet high in raw food is always the most effective way to detoxify.

Detoxification Aids: To assist the cleansing process, drink fresh juice made with a juice extractor once a day. Daily take a high-quality, multi-vitamin supplement and antioxidants such as E and Q10, and one to two tablespoons of mixed essential oils daily.


Once a year a full moon purging does me well.  New Moon rituals help you summon your whole Self, and in that magic moment, commit to intentions. The pic is my 1st purging of this style 2010. I have done other purging and all include My GOD and Savior Jehovah and Jesus. This is a form of meditation for me. Have fun, I did… How could you not when releasing ill will. My tray broke in half from the heat, then burned out.

Coffee Enemas

“The Liver Miracle”, Seven amazing health benefits of coffee enemas

If you are truly serious about transforming your health in dramatic ways, implementing coffee enemas into your regular routine is essential for achieving the life-changing results you have always desired. No matter what dietary protocols, exercise routines, or lifestyle habits you embrace, coffee enemas can help you reach the next level of vibrant health that you might not have even thought possible. Here are seven specific ways that coffee enemas can drastically improve your health: 

“Coffee enemas heal and prevent chronic illness. Ultimately, coffee enemas are one of the most effective ways to maintain a clean body that is free of disease. Even if you already suffer from a debilitating, chronic illness such as cancer, coffee enemas can provide both relief and healing without the need for drugs. We should be aware that its an Ancient treatment dating back to Egypt wellness and placing more emphasis on coffee enemas as a key component of wellness therapy.”~ seven

1) Coffee enemas reduce levels of systemic toxicity by up to 700 percent. According to the late Dr. Max Gerson, a pioneer of coffee enema therapy and its effectiveness as part of his famous Gerson Diet, caffeine and other beneficial compounds in coffee stimulate the production of glutathione S-transferase (GST) in the liver. GST is said to be the “master detoxifier” in the body, as this powerful enzyme binds with toxins throughout the body and flushes them out during the enema process.

According to a 1982 study conducted by the National Research Council (NRC), the effect of green coffee bean consumption on the production of GST in test mice was an astounding 600 percent increase in the liver, and a 700 percent increase in the small intestine. In humans, the effect is similar, if not amplified, during a coffee enema, as coffee is able to directly stimulate the liver without having to first run through the digestive tract. The result is a powerful detoxifying effect that is unmatched by sheer diet alone.

2) Coffee enemas cleanse and heal the colon and digestive tract, improve peristalsis. Besides detoxifying, coffee enemas also cleanse and flush the digestive tract and colon without substantially disrupting the beneficial flora that populate a healthy gut. By regularly taking coffee enemas, you will not only help keep your digestive tract clean and free of debris and toxic buildup, but you will also promote healthy peristalsis, which is the series of organized muscle contractions that move food through the digestive tract and the tubular organs that connect to the kidneys and bladder.

3) Coffee enemas boost energy levels, improve mental clarity and mood. As with any detox protocol, the body is effectively ridding itself of poisons that sludge up the blood; decrease oxygen transfer; and clog up the intestines, all of which generally leave a person feeling fatigued and ill. A coffee enema is a particularly effective detoxifier; however, as the direct absorption of caffeine and palmitates into the bloodstream stimulates the release of bile and the efficient removal of wastes from the body in one fell swoop. The end result is a detoxifying release so powerful that many people describe it as a “high” marked by significantly improved energy levels, enhanced mental clarity, and better moods.

4) Coffee enemas eliminate parasites, candida. Because of the immense toxic load that results from regular exposure to chemicals in food, water, air, and the environment, the body is often unable to fully and effectively eliminate all toxins and maintain homeostasis by itself. Intestinally, this can result in a gradual buildup of impacted fecal matter, parasites, candida, and other toxins. Coffee enemas; however, can effectively alleviate all this by fully irrigating and flushing the colon in such a way as to break up these “nests” of disease, and eliminate them from the body.

5) Coffee enemas detoxify, repair liver. If you regularly suffer from symptoms like bloating, stomach pain, flatulence, and other problems commonly associated with poor digestion, chances are your liver is overburdened and not functioning up to par. Coffee enemas are an excellent way to fix this; however, as the coffee and all of its nutrients are directly absorbed into the liver through the colon wall, where they take on the immense toxic load that the liver is otherwise unable to process quickly enough on its own.

6) Coffee enemas relieve chronic pain, ease “die-off” symptoms during cleanses, detox regimens. Interestingly, one of the earliest known uses for enemas was as a pain reliever. During World War I, nurses actually discovered that water enemas effectively relieved soldiers’ pain when drugs like morphine were in short supply. Fast forward about a decade and researchers out of Germany had made the discovery that coffee worked even better than water at offering powerful analgesic benefits, which can be particularly helpful when undergoing other dietary cleanses and detoxes that cause “die-off” and other pain symptoms.

7) *****************MORE IMPORTANTLY**************

“Coffee enemas heal and prevent chronic illness. Ultimately, coffee enemas are one of the most effective ways to maintain a clean body that is free of disease. Even if you already suffer from a debilitating, chronic illness such as cancer, coffee enemas can provide both relief and healing without the need for drugs. We should be aware that its an Ancient treatment dating back to Egypt wellness and placing more emphasis on coffee enemas as a key component of wellness therapy.”

Coconut Oil Cleanse

“Excellent for Candida, Fungal infections and Viruses because unrefined coconut oil is full of anti-virals and nutrients”

(NaturalNews) With fad detox methods around every corner, it’s hard to know which one can provide a healthy cleanse without unpleasant side effects. A coconut oil detox is an excellent way to cleanse without using complicated formulas or living off nothing but water for days on end. Coconut oil is a powerful cleansing food that also provides plenty of natural energy during a detox.

Coconut oil is largely comprised of medium-chain fatty acids, which are sent directly to the liver for energy rather than storage. This type of fat is ideal for a cleanse, since it can provide the energy needed at a time when less food is being consumed.

These same medium-chain fatty acids play a crucial role in cleansing the body from toxins. Coconut oil is heralded as a natural health food, and a coconut oil detox simply speeds up healing results by thoroughly flushing the entire body of toxins in a short time. Here are just four types of conditions coconut oil can combat during a detox:

– Candida. In modern society, candida overgrowth is almost an epidemic. More people are experiencing systemic candida, when the problem spreads throughout the body and causes a myriad of unpleasant side effects. A coconut oil detox is completely void of sugar and other carbohydrates, which effectively starves off all candida in the system. People who suffer from candida will notice many conditions improve or disappear after a coconut oil detox, including sugar cravings, fatigue, eczema, acne, repeat sinus infections and poor concentration.

– Fungal infections. Often connected with candida, repeat fungal infections like ringworm and jock itch are linked to an imbalance of bacteria and fungal organisms in the body. The lauric acid and caprylic acid in coconut oil are antifungal, so a coconut oil detox is an effective way to cleanse the entire system of fungal growth. Many people with fungal conditions report a complete recovery within the cleansing period.

– Digestive conditions. A coconut oil detox can help banish digestive conditions like irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) and leaky gut syndrome by restoring health and balance to the digestive system.

– Viruses. Lauric acid, which is found in abundance in coconut oil, is converted into monolaurin in the body, which has strong antiviral properties that can protect against and even destroy lipid-coated viruses like herpes and influenza.

How to Detox with Coconut Oil

A coconut oil cleanse is a very simple detoxification method that replaces regular food with coconut oil, usually for about 3-7 days. Start your day with two tablespoons of coconut oil and take 1-2 tablespoons throughout the day as necessary for up to 14 tablespoons total each day.

Take the coconut oil plain if you enjoy it that way, but those who can’t tolerate swallowing the oil straight can mix it with warm lemon water or plain organic yogurt if necessary. You can use stevia if you’d like to sweeten the lemon water or yogurt, but no sugar should be consumed during the cleanse. In his book Coconut Cures, Dr. Bruce Fife adds that you can eat up to four ounces of fresh coconut meat daily while on the detox if needed.

The best kind of coconut oil to use to detoxify is organic, raw extra virgin coconut oil. This type of oil should be completely unrefined, expeller- or cold-pressed, unbleached and not deodorized. This ensures you are getting the maximum natural benefits from your coconut oil.

If you have never taken coconut oil before, then you’ll want to let your body adjust by slowly incorporating it into your diet before trying a coconut oil detox. Start with 1/2-1 teaspoon three times per day. Gradually work your way up to 1-2 tablespoons three times daily. It may take two weeks to work up to the full amount. When you feel comfortable taking this much coconut oil, then you should be ready to start a coconut oil detox.

Some people will experience “die-off” symptoms when they begin a coconut oil detox. These symptoms are often flu-like, including headaches, joint stiffness, dizziness and foggy-thinking. It may not feel so good, but it’s a sign that your body is ridding itself of harmful toxins like fungal organisms. Die-off symptoms usually only last for 3-5 days, but you can ease them by gradually introducing coconut oil to your diet before doing a detox.

During a coconut oil detox, it’s important to drink plenty of filtered water to nourish the body and facilitate cleansing benefits. Here is a recipe for a delicious drink that can replenish you during a cleanse:

1 cup pure lime juice
6 cups filtered water
1 teaspoon sea salt

The lemon juice has cleansing properties, and the sea salt replaces minerals that may be lost during a cleanse. Add stevia for a sweeter taste, but do not sweeten with any kind of sugar.

Remember, if you have medical conditions or if you are on prescription medications, it’s important to talk with your physician before trying a coconut oil cleanse.

“I can’t express how important a Candida Detox is… Even if you think your healthy and overgrowth free, if you’ve eaten foods from a fast food, grocery store, taken antibiotic- yea chances are you’re a carrier. Yeast overgrow is the bed for toxins and diseases, it stands in the way of  true you and toxic you. Toxins have purchased real-estate in your gut, colon and liver… on to your bloodstream. Nothing will get past it… well not until you take ownership of your body and evict this awful mucus overgrowth and remove it thru your stool bowel and urine… Great New for Me is a Coconut (Yeast don’t have a fighting chance), Colon Cleans along with a LIVER detox (coffee enema) and herbs to stimulate and relieve the liver of it intense on going stressful job; giving the bloodstream a clear view. Don’t judge! I’m great and never felt better in my 46 years. And don’t slip on essential oil heal; aromas reach the cell walls of our entire body… alone with physical healing, smell (one of our 5 senses allow us to feel and respect our spirital beings- The true healthy you” xo

by Seven Love Notes

Chief and Creator, Supreme Wellness Sage

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