Tourmaline Black Crystal is my 2nd favorite stone; what fascinates me most about this gem is my appreciation for its healing effects reflected on the emotional, physical and mental level. Its main characteristic is that clean and transform one’s presence into positive energy. Moreover, tourmaline does not allow access to negativity by pounding her before entering the chakras… bad ass!

My Favorite crystal is one me and Clementine share… The Mother stone was gifted to her as I kept the smaller one which was a part of the Mother Crystal; I wanted her to have the most protected and greatness.

xo~ crystal love

Head Stone- Crystal Rest
They treat you like ur are a skin bag; as if you have no existent beyond the physical… the game is to dumb you down so when uve awakens you have no idea what to do; thats when you go into auto mode… bc it’s what you are familiar with. Every now and then you take a peek into truth thinking it’s so overwhelming but it’s not… yes it requires maintenance but more important, it requires activation. The pinealgland 3rdEye is loaded with floating water and crystal; crystal release light in the eye ? allowing you to see into your spiritual space; being the lenses of light ? if your eye is clear the body will be filled with light ? dont fill yourself with fluoride and such that shuts down the water flow and crystallization in the gland… instead, remove yourself from its space and activate yours xo~

by Seven Love Notes

Chief and Creator, Supreme Wellness Sage

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