Our core is the natural pressure point of our subconscious minds… through proper deep breathing. Any type of interchange with energy has to be processed through our intestines. When you say u feel it in your gut… this is true but when your intestines ( colon ) is so riddled with illness the energy is stagnant and can not be processed therefore you are force to shallow breath which will only allow you to activate other chakras while settling on CONSCIOUS thinking… this is your ego which is why we now have so many “conscious” folks now-a-days. Your ego is operating on the mental of your lower brain. Health is wealth for so many reasons; our cores is a body’s intelligence center, it’s our Natural way of creation. They are intentionally creating illness through ur bellies… the deactivating of your energy flow.

Push and pulling at the core ( center of gravity ) while strengthening all around with balance. It’s physics ( hence physical fitness ). Activating those cells.

If mucus finds its way up your throat and out your nose… It’s natures way of removing it from your body. Mucus is a bed for infection to rest. As an ol wise man once said, “Mucus is the 1 and only disease”. Don’t snort and swallow it, you are only transferring it from your respiratory system into your stomach lining and we CANNOT digest mucus xo

GutBrain The gut can upset the brain just as the brain can upset the gut. The gut’s brain or the “enteric nervous system” is located in the sheaths of tissue lining the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon. … The gut contains 100 million neurons – more than the spinal cord. Your thinking depends on the condition of your colon, notice when you use the bathroom you think clearer xo

The spleen and the stomach are responsible for the storehouse and the granaries. The five taste stem from them. Absorbing and moving these are the essential action which define the spleen/stomach network as the main source of the life-sustaining postal energy.

Most people are battling their heart against their minds and vice-versa as if they serve 2 different GODS… in actuality they both have brains that serve your higher self; working together while sending signals to and from along with the gut brain.

Never invite another man’s fear to lay by your side; it will feast on your gut xo~ seven Lovaste’

by Seven Love Notes

Chief and Creator, Supreme Wellness Sage

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