A shiny black mineral, black mica is a common mineral found in granite and other metamorphic rocks. Also known as biotite, black mica is composed of iron, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen and hydrogen. It has a flaky consistency. When used in an extract form, black mica has many positive uses for overall health. Nevertheless, obtain the advise of your physician before taking black mica extract.

Researched in Japan in the 1960s by Dr. Asao Shimanishi, black mica was shown to contain a variety of minerals that are useful to the body. After discovering the health benefits of black mica, Shimanishi decided to patent the use of black mica by pulling out the minerals and keeping them in an ionized state. This form is known as black mica extract and is suitable for human consumption.
Used to clean and purify water, black mica extract can be ingested by adding it to water. When a dropper full of black mica extract is added to tap water, the toxins in the water gather together and sit at the bottom of the glass. These toxins are no longer able to be absorbed by the water. Black mica extract removes toxins such as heavy metals while adding healthful minerals to the drinking water.
According to Shimanishi, black mica is useful for eliminating calcification from the brain, lungs, prostate and breasts. It can be taken to remove candidia (yeast) from the body and can also be used to remove plaque from the teeth.
While oxygenating the blood, black mica can also be used to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar. Kidney stones might pass painlessly. Shimanishi also claims that black mica extract is able to stop hair loss and reverse gray hair.
Directions for Use: To purify water, add 15 drops for every quart of water. Stir the solution thoroughly and let it sit for 30 seconds. To use black mica extract internally, two doses a day should be taken for one month. One dose is equal to 1 tsp. of black mica in 1 oz. of water. The first dose should be taken immediately in the morning and followed by one quart of water within one hour of taking it. The second dose of black mica can be taken the same way in the evening for best results.
Before trying black mica extract, consider the cost. At $150 for a one-month supply, as of the date of publication, black mica is not cheap. In addition, it is a highly acidic solution that could cause problems for people with irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive disorders. If using black mica to purify water, the manufacturer of Adya Clarity black mica extract recommends using additional means for water filtration along with the solution. This means that using the solution alone is not enough to ensure the water is pure. A charcoal filtration layer must be used before the use of black mica extract.

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