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issa Celebration of the True You xo~



NOTE: “with each step… drink water prior to hydrate organs and after to flush herbs to your stomach”

  • Intestinal Cleanz- 1 leveled TEAspoon mixed well with 4oz water to attract toxins/parasites @awaking on an empty stomach 45min before next step…
  • Liberal- 1 leveled TABLEspoon mixed well with 4oz water to capture toxins/parasites at least 30 minutes before Herbs. Please drink IMMEDIATELY after mixing because this drink will swell up in glass and drink water IMMEDIATLEY after to flush well.
  • Ayurvedic Herbs- 1 leveled TEAspoon with water also at least 30 minutes before Sea Mineral Meal.
  • Sea Minerals- 1 TEAspoon in drink of your choice for nutrients. This is when most typically have a meal (tea, smoothies, fruit or appropriate meal ).
  • By this tyme according to your LAWS OF RHYTHM IN EATING which is the baby’s biological clock… you may enjoy a meal of your choice. Because only herbs should be consumed before noon when the sun is highest in the sky.
  • Night Moon ? Tea: ( bag Flowers, Leaves) Sip 6oz cup of tea Reflecting, Enjoy and Relax… AFTER LAST MEAL OF THE DAY. HOW TO PREPARE: Boil entire bag 5 min partly covered in 18oz water ( allow about 3oz extra for evaporation during boil; leaving 18oz (3Cups of Tea) to cool, strain and place in refrigerator to drink for 3days. Once strained if not 18 oz add water to complete amount )


When boiling tea… exact measurements are not totally necessary; it’s not a science project < smile >xo~

Note: drink 4oz of water immediately before and after each blend to hydrate for organ absorption.

Note: “Stomach is empty” 2 hours after eating and 1 hour before eating anything.

Note: Night Tea can be prepared concentrated, therefore; when its placed in fridge you can take shots at night cold or add hot water for for hot tea.

Note: If you MUST enjoy tea sweet… use agave nectar.

ALL is to be absorbed MENTALLY AND physically on a CELLULAR level; meaning as you drink know that its connecting to your cells, your cell with appreciate you for it xo~

Let’s Build! again I Appreciate you xo~

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