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NOTE: “with each step… drink water prior to hydrate organs and after to flush herbs to your stomach”

  • MEDITATION OIL (aromatherapy)


NOTE: “with each step… drink water prior to hydrate organs and after to flush herbs to your stomach”

  • Intestinal Cleanz- ( Black Bag ) 1 leveled TEAspoon mixed well with 4oz water to attract toxins/parasites @awaking on an empty stomach 45min before next step…
  • Fiberal- 1 leveled TABLEspoon mixed well with 4oz water to capture toxins/parasites at least 30 minutes before Herbs. Please drink IMMEDIATELY after mixing because this drink will swell up in glass and drink water IMMEDIATLEY after to flush well.
  • Clarity Herbs- 1 leveled TEAspoon with water also at least 30 minutes before Sea Mineral Meal.
  • Sea Minerals- 1/2 TEAspoon in drink of your choice for nutrients, preferably lime water. This is when most typically have a meal (tea, smoothies, fruit or appropriate meal ).
  • By this tyme according to your LAWS OF RHYTHM IN EATING which is the baby’s biological clock… you may enjoy a meal of your choice. Because only herbs should be consumed before noon when the sun is highest in the sky.
  • Night Moon Tea: ( bag with Red Flowers, Leaves) Sip 6oz cup of tea Reflecting, Enjoy and Relax… AFTER LAST MEAL OF THE DAY. ———- HOW TO PREPARE:MOON TEA: Take all the content in the bag Except the green powder. Place in a small pot or tea kettle that can hold about 16 oz of water. U can either boil the water 1st and pour onto the herbs for the herbs to bathe in the hot water for at least 20 minutes. OR You can boil the herbs in a pot or kettle for 3 minutes with a lid on.———-Set the green powder aside… when needed it’s to boost ur moon tea 🍵 that u will pour in a cup to drink before bed. I’ll explain in due tyme. But for now, make ur tea to drink tonight and for the next few nights. U have enough for 7 days. So 16 of water is perfect because it will be a little concentrated as it sets in ur fridge. But tonight pour about 4 oz of tea AS UR LAST MEAL. DO NOT EAT AFTERWARDS.


When boiling tea… exact measurements are not totally necessary; it’s not a science project < smile >xo~

Note: drink 4oz of water immediately before and after each blend to hydrate for organ absorption.

Note: “Stomach is empty” 2 hours after eating and 1 hour before eating anything.

Note: Night Tea can be prepared concentrated, therefore; when its placed in fridge you can take shots at night cold or add hot water for for hot tea.

Note: If you MUST enjoy tea sweet… use agave nectar.

ALL is to be absorbed MENTALLY AND physically on a CELLULAR level; meaning as you drink know that its connecting to your cells, your cell with appreciate you for it xo~

Let’s Build! again I Appreciate you xo~

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